POSH Wins Maiden Subsea Jobs


As a leading offshore marine player, POSH is continually looking to expand its scope of services to meet the dynamic needs of the offshore marine industry. In 2018, we expanded into the subsea space, leveraging off our diversified fleet to provide clients with an integrated suite of subsea services. These include support for subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair ("IMR"), and construction and installation works.

Shortly after its establishment, POSH Subsea was awarded its maiden to support the construction and installation works for a pipeline replacement project for a National Oil and Gas company off the west coast of India. The project was supported by PW Natuna - an accommodation barge that was re-purposed into a Dive Support Vessel ("DSV") for the job - and two Anchor Handling Tugs, Maritime Putri and Maritime Putra.

Equipped with advanced saturation ("SAT") and air dive systems as well as a Remote Operated Vehicle ("ROV"), PW Natuna operates as an installation vessel that allows subsea installation works in depths of up to 100 metres. The SAT system allows divers to work for up to 28 days by housing them in chambers pressurised to the depth of the worksite. A separate pressurised chamber is then deployed to transport them to and from the site.

In the first quarter of 2019, we clinched our second contract for POSH Subsea with a leading global integrated oil and gas services company. This contract is for spool installation and pipeline crossing works for a pipeline replacement project off the west coast of India.

As we continue to meet our clients' needs with our quality offerings, we hope that these service contracts are the first of many to come for POSH Subsea.

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