POSH Hardy and POSH Husky in Colombo, Sri Lanka


POSH Hardy joined POSH Husky to support the operations in the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka following her successful charter at Chittagong

POSH Hardy and POSH Husky arrived in the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka - one of the region's busiest ports - in late 2018. Since then, the two tugs have been on long-term charters to Sri Lanka Shipping, providing a range of harbour services including berthing, un-berthing, towing, and assisting duties.

To support the knowledge transfer to local crew, our Tug Masters and Engineers worked closely with our Sri Lankan counterparts, providing hands-on support and training for close to a month. Areas of training included Azimuth Stern Drive ("ASD") propulsion, navigational safety, and manoeuvring techniques during towage, escort, berthing and un-berthing.

The job followed a successful charter at Chittagong, Bangladesh, where POSH Hardy was commissioned to provide offshore support, as well as towing and assist duties at the Moheshkhali LNG Terminal, marking our first charter for offshore LNG terminal support. Together with two other tugs, POSH Hardy executed a Ship-To-Ship transfer for a Floating Storage Regasification Unit ("FSRU").

The aforementioned are amongst the several long-term charters POSH has secured of late for our harbour tugs, for operations in key ports in Asia, Middle East and Africa. In the coming year, we will continue to expand our geographical footprint in key growth markets in order to better serve our clients.

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