POSH Defender executes one of largest loadouts in the industry


POSH Defender loaded with topside before transporting it to the D28 Oil field in Sarawak

In October 2018, our anchor handling tug supply vessel ("AHTS") POSH Defender supported the complex transportation of topside and boat-landing from the Ocean Might Yard in Kuching, Malaysia, to the D28 oil field approximately 172 nautical miles off Kuching, marking one of the biggest loadouts of its kind in our industry.

The project tested the mettle of our crew and we executed the project successfully, supporting our clients' business needs.

One unique aspect of the loadout was the sheer weight involved. The total weight of the deck cargo loaded onboard was 446 metric tonnes ("MT"), a heavier than usual load.

The topside and grillage were loaded onto the extreme left of the vessel, which was required to hold dynamic positioning ("DP") approximately two metres from the installation during the offloading of the topside. To ensure that POSH Defender was up to the task, we had to carefully manage the stability calculations involved with the loading of such a massive weight, while taking into consideration the sheer size of the topside.

The concerns were that the heavy load at the extreme ends of POSH Defender might lead to high bending stresses mid-ship. Based on the stability calculations, POSH had to ensure all stability criteria and bending moments for loadout and transportation were within the permissible limits. We refined this multiple times with our client for more than a month to ensure full compliance with International Maritime Organisation Class & Marine Warranty Surveying ("MWS") requirements.

Besides weight and size considerations, we also had to abide by five different inspections - Offshore Vessel Inspection Database ("OVID"), Offshore Support Vessel Inspection System ("OSVIS"), MWS, 2H Offshore and PETRONAS - for the release of the Green Letter to close the punch list.

Managing this massive project seamlessly, safely and completing it on schedule without issue was a major achievement by the team. This speaks to our operational excellence, high standards of service and safety as well as steadfast reliability which we always strive to achieve.

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