POSH recovers the Alam Manis



Salvage crew in main deck of Alam Manis for the refloating operation
Final task briefing with captain of Alam Manis before the tow
POSH Virtue in position for the tow

On the evening of February 2, 2017, Alam Manis ran aground in the sandy shallows of Saya De Malha Ba off Seychelles Islands while on her voyage from Richards Bay, South Africa to Pipavav, India. Fortunately, no crew was injured. However, reports of an oncoming tropical cyclone raised concerns for the safety of the crew.

Semco Salvage & Towage Private Limited (“SSTPL”) was
engaged by Manis Shipping, owner of the Alam Manis, to
refloat her immediately and Anchor Handling Tug Supply
("AHTS") vessel POSH Virtue was rapidly deployed to the

On site, SSTPL worked with Manis Shipping’s crisis
management team to coordinate the operation. At the
same time, POSH Virtue executed hydrographic surveys on the surrounding sandy shallow waters, mapping out the egress route while the salvage team carried out underwater inspection and preparations for the refloating operation.

With good weather conditions and a favourable high tide,
Alam Manis was successfully refloated without losing any cargo or causing any damage to the environment on the morning of February 11, 2017. POSH Virtue then towed Alam Manis out of the shallow water maze. This was followed by a final underwater inspection by our salvage team before she finally resumed her voyage to Pipapav, India.

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