Pilot project with ST Engineering and foodpanda, using a drone to deliver food to POSH Bawean 3 km offshore Marina South Pier


Innovation is part of our DNA at POSH.

We embrace it with the aim of improving the lives of our employees and crew, and as part of our growth strategy to cater to evolving needs of our customers globally. Last year, we successfully took part in several groundbreaking initiatives as part of our innovation roadmap.

A taste of the future: Shore-to-ship drone deliveries for food

Pilot project used a drone to deliver food to POSH Bawean 3 km offshore Marina South Pier

In August, we took to the skies with foodpanda and ST Engineering. Drones were deployed to deliver five packets of Ayam Penyet ("smashed" fried chicken) from Marina South Pier to our crew onboard POSH Bawean in under ten minutes. The exercise brought great joy to our crew as they got a taste of home and we all caught a glimpse into the possible reality of on-demand food delivery to vessels by drone.

Using drones for delivery, instead of launch boats, can reduce costs and make it possible to deliver items to less accessible locations - such as offshore vessels at sea. POSH is actively studying the usage of drones as part of our innovation roadmap, and we are glad to have been part of this ground-breaking flight.

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