Breaking new ground: POSH enters the offshore renewables sector


Ribbon-cutting ceremony (from left): Deputy CEO POSH Lee Keng Lin, Chairman Kerry TJ Richard Shen, Trade Representative Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs Simon Wong, President of Taiwan International Ports Co., Chung Ying Feng

(Other VIPs present: Deputy Director Taichung Economic Development Bureau Li Yi'an and Deputy Director General Ministry of Economic Affairs Huang Shih Chou)

剪彩仪式 (从左到右): POSH 副執行長李慶仁, 嘉里大榮物流公司董事長沈宗桂, 新加坡駐台北商務辦事處代表黃偉權, 台灣港務股份有限公司總經理鍾英鳳 (其他出席的贵宾包括: 台中經濟發展局副處長李逸安和經濟部國際合作處副處長黃世洲)

POSH announced its entry into the Taiwan offshore renewables sector in July, through a joint venture with Kerry TJ Logistics ("Kerry TJ"). This joint venture aims to provide a one-stop solutions platform for offshore wind farm developers, EPCI contractors and wind turbine manufacturers.

Within its first month, the joint venture, named POSH Kerry Renewables ("POSH Kerry"), won its first contract. It will provide anchor handling, supply and standby support for an international geotechnical services operator during the site survey, installation and construction of an offshore wind farm. Work has since commenced off the coast of Guanyin, and may potentially include other sites in Yunlin and Taoyuan-HsinChu.

POSH Kerry also secured Rolls-Royce, Macquarie Capital and Swancor as strategic partners to jointly explore collaboration opportunities and develop tailored solutions for this growing sector. POSH Kerry will also be working with Seagreen Enterprise, Taiwan-based marine and towage operator, to recruit, train and build up a pipeline of Taiwanese crew.

This is the first time that two major players in their respective fields have integrated supply chain and marine solutions on a single platform that can support the entire offshore renewables project life cycle. POSH brings specialised offshore marine expertise and a modern fleet of vessels readily transferable to offshore wind operations, while Kerry TJ - as Taiwan's largest logistics provider - has an extensive local network and in-depth market knowledge to help clients navigate the local operating landscape.

Head POSH Kerry Renewables Kelvin Teo presenting on the one-stop solutions business model of the joint venture

We are confident that POSH Kerry's comprehensive suite of services will be an accretive and complementary addition to the POSH Group's portfolio, and will work hard to deliver results for our clients and partners.

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